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What’s Your Learning Style?

Have you ever thought about your ‘learning’ style?

Are you Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic and Tactile? All of these can influence how you see and experience the world and whether you find some things more difficult than others. It can also affect how you organise yourself and whether you find difficulties with being organised. For example, not all people can learn to be organised by reading it (did I just shoot myself in the foot?) hence why some feel a sense of failure when they can’t ‘get organised’ when the books make it look so easy. This is why some people need someone to either ‘talk’ them through it and motivate them that way, and others need the ‘hands-on’ kinesthetic/tactile help that a professional organiser can give them. If you’d like to find out more about your ‘learning style’ this link will give you a quick online test (you can do this test without creating a Login, remember to scroll down the page to find the test).

Remember learning styles not only affect organising, you may find it helpful in getting ahead at work and in other areas of your life, it may even improve your relationships.

I’ve always known I was a kinesthetic/tactile and visual learner. I can learn a lot from a picture or diagram over anyone talking at me for hours. Yet when it comes to music, I’m very auditory almost to the point where the other senses switch off, however, I’ve come to realise that auditory can be a kinesthetic experience for me, as I used to sing and dance in a past life and felt like I became one with the music.

I’d love to hear your insights on this one.

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