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Hands up – who amongst you are colour-coding your pegs to your washing?

And even if you’re not colour-coding to the colour of the fabric, can you resist using two matching pegs per article?

Sometimes it pays NOT to take organising TOO seriously!

This particular You Tube video made me laugh (no, I don’t think it’s actually meant to make me laugh).

Personally I think that folding underwear is a ‘little’ over organised. I think having a box in a drawer (i.e. an old shoebox or similar) to dump the undies neatly in to stop them getting lost amongst socks, bras, etc. is enough for most people). Unless space is at a real premium then rolling your undies is probably a better option.

I’ve included this video on my Blog to show you what I’m NOT about if you choose to book me for a session. Organising is supposed to create time and reduce stress, not use up more of your time or induce more stress. It took this woman 2 minutes to fold 4 pieces of underwear. Do the math! I’m sure we could all roll a lot more undies in 2 mins! Set the kids a task, give ’em an undie rolling competition. “Ready?”

“Your time starts…. (tick, tick, tick, tick) NOW!

ENJOY!    How to Fold Your Underwear

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