How to maintain fridge coils

Again, we are looking at how to maintain your fridge for top performance and how to save on your power bills.

While these days it’s rare to come across fridges with externally exposed coils, occasionally there are some dinosaurs out there still going strong, which is probably due to an odd bit of maintenance which can mean the world of difference to appliance longevity and safety.

This video done by George A Finn III for has been the best video demonstration I have been able to find on maintaining refrigerator coils. OK, it’s not a pleasant task, but neither is forking out money for a new refrigerator. There is also such a thing as delegating certain tasks out once a month for pocket money, just make sure the child is of the right age to be able to handle the task.

In the demo the coils are found on the front of the bottom of the fridge. My fridge (an upside down fridge approximately 8 years old) had it’s coils at the back at the bottom. I also noticed that other viewers of the video had mentioned that in older fridges coils may be located in the sides and back, directly behind the sheet metal skin, which means no maintenance!

Another viewer mentioned that if you’re looking to save energy, you may want to upgrade your fridge… as technology gets better, newer fridge’s use less energy than older ones which again is a valid point.

While you’re there I can also recommend looking at George’s other videos on how to clean and maintain other parts of the fridge including what tools he recommends for each job.

How to clean fridge coils.

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