The immaculate threads of Steve Jobs by Dominic Wilcox

Image 011

For the October 2008, 75th Anniversary Edition of Esquire magazine, artist Dominic Wilcox was commissioned to style a photograph to accompany an article on Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, for the magazine’s feature on the 75 Most Influencial People of the 21st Century.

The resulting mixed media entitled The Immaculate Threads is a wonderful tribute to Apple’s less equals more design approach to style, simplicity, form and function and I just had to provide a link to the image and the article here for you to have a look at. Here we see Steve’s trademark blue jeans, black turtle-neck sweater and eye-glasses, beautifully presented in an adaptation of the packaging used for Apple’s famous iPods. I really enjoyed the article by Tom Junod as well.

I love Dominic Wilcox’s work. Here is a link to his Xylophone Bin, created in 2008
out of Oak and Steel for a VIPP Charity auction in NewYork to raise money for Chernobyl Children’s Project International and Foodbank NYC. On the link there are videos on how he created this work. It’s a fascinating project. I love his Variations On Normal blog as well, especially the lazy inventions – really funny!

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