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I love these little bags!

Image Credit: The Fregie Sack
Image Credit: The Fregie Sack

Every now and then you come across a simple idea that is also so beautiful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself and this product is born from such an idea.

When you realise that Australians use more than 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, most of which end up in landfill you then also realise what a truly great idea Fregie Sacks are. Fregie (a combination of the words Fruit & Vegies) Sacks are gorgeous little re-usable bags in a variation of sizes and colours made from a lightweight see-through fabric. This lightweight, see-through fabric means you can take them into the supermarket and put your fruit and vegies into them instead of the ‘tear-off’ plastic bags supplied, and they don’t add to produce weight, nor do they cause a problem at the check-out because the operator can clearly see the goods inside. The bags come with biodegradable cotton drawstrings and are durable for re-use over and over again.

Not only are they useful for the fruit and vege, but you can use them for a myriad of tasks around the home or even gift wrapping. In fact there are plenty of ideas on the Fregie Sacks website, and you can even add your own ideas (as I did). Another fabulous Aussie innovation, very cool!

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