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Doonas, duvets, continental quilts, whatever you like to call the things (I have a few choice words of my own which I can’t share here), well anyway, they drive me nuts! When it comes to wash day I find them incredibly time consuming.

Believe me there are plenty of YouTube videos online that show that they also drive other people nuts as well and while it’s always funny to watch someone else wrangle with these things, it’s not so funny when you’re the one in a hurry or having to change a house-load of them and suddenly can’t find your sense of humour to do the Doona Tango (or should that be the Doona Tangle?). You’d have to be some kind of bed-making saint or contortionist to not find these things a literal ‘pain in the neck’.

Well, it’s not actually the ‘doona’ it’s more the operation of stripping doonas for washing and then having to put a clean cover back on. Sometimes I’ve been so fed up with the things that I no longer stuff them back into their covers but simply use the covers as a ‘bedspread’ as I would during the summer. In the winter it becomes a ‘bedspread’ with the duvet underneath it which seriously defeats the whole purpose doesn’t it? What’s worse is that generally due to the ‘large’ nature of the exercise it’s hard to get the kids involved in the bed making process, thus again it’s usually you who are left to do all of them yourself, thus multiplying the frustration level.

Recently a wonderful alternative to the Doona came to my attention called The Coshee and I love it even more because it it’s an Aussie innovation.

The Coshee (short for cover sheet) is brought to us by the wonderful Jane Tepper at Eco Sleep Australia, a busy Mum of four who wanted an easier solution to wash day and bed changing day. It is a convenient two-part duvet cover and top sheet set for your bed, which consists of a top sheet and duvet cover that clips together using special SnapLock press-studs. Simply brilliant! All Coshees are made from beautiful natural fibres and come in a variety of fabric designs in two seasonal weights to suit Double to Super King
size beds.

So go on ‘change your bed for the better’ you’ll be glad you did! Check out the wonderful Coshee now and tell Jane that Angela sent you!

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