What’s your favourite store to get lost in?

Image 015What happens when you marry a Top 10 pop hit with a global furniture store?

You get an experience we can all relate to in a ‘sing-a-long’.  This video parody of the Owl City song covered by Dave Days (as I write this) has been viewed by 2,681,095 people.

I’m sure that you would’ve heard this song recently somewhere. My son cannot get enough of it. In fact he was the one who alerted me to this nice bit of fluff that captures (what is for some) the typical Ikea experience. Click on ‘more info’ in the video information section for song lyrics.

You may also want to check out “The Making Of” video, but for me now it’s “Nap time.”

Check it out here: Owl City – “Fireflies” (Parody – Ikea)

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