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As a follow up to my blog on Kindle Reading Apps and the Kindle Bookstore, I felt it was only right to also give you the info for Apple’s Bookstore especially if you’re lucky enough to have an iPad already.

Your link for Apple’s Bookstore is via the itunes store. In the meantime if you’d like to view a video on how to use Apple iPads Bookstore I suggest you watch a presentation by Digital Lifestyle expert Rokosz (yep I believe that’s his real name) on the eHow Channel here on YouTube.

In the meantime I guess us Aussies are just going to have to wait a bit longer for our iPads, with it now not arriving until late May, pre-order is now set for May 10. In the meantime a friend of ours will be arriving from the US on the weekend with his iPad tucked under his arm. As they know my son is an absolute Mac fan we are lucky enough to have been invited over to drool as long as we BYO tissues to drool with.

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