Steve Jobs helping you to keep your emails brief?

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Lets face it, sometimes it’s hard to write a ‘short’ reply, yet there are situations when the email box is too full and messages need to be brief. I even read an account once of someone thinking that the length of their reply needed to match the length of the ‘effort’ in the email he had received.

Sometimes in business writing it pays to take the emotion out and stick to the ‘facts,’ however, at the same time there are instances when a ‘short’ reply in bullet-points can be interpreted as abrupt, or rude, or be incorrectly emotionally processed, and in turn jeopardise a once respected and friendly business relationship.

I recently came across a fun solution on Apparently Steve Jobs is famous for his ‘short’ but ‘precise’ email replies, and let’s face it Mr. Jobs probably has his fair share of  ‘quantity’ to deal with when it comes to email!

So if you need help with your email replies – check out the Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator.

I’d love to hear of your experiences with email replies, and whether or not you have experienced any situations where misinterpretation has either jeopardised a relationship; created a difficult or humorous situation; or if you just want to give feedback or suggestions on how you tackle the problem of ‘so many emails, too little reply time.’

Now I hope I kept this ‘blog post’ brief enough LOL

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