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5 Groovy Kitchen Organising Products

I’ve been doing a bit of a internet search on some products that may be helpful in the kitchen.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

I love this thing! The picture totally explains how it works. This one is from Howards Storage World, but for my money it can totally solve some frustrations with gaining space in a very tricky area, while also helping to keep this area clean. Great for renters, no fittings required. Similar options on Amazon.

Current April 2023 

Kinsman Refrigerator Organiser Bins

These groovy little trays come with rollers on one end for easy to pull-out action. The beauty of these trays is that they catch any drips, easy to wipe clean, and can be moved from fridge to counter or table and back again without drama, comes in two sizes. I have several and I don’t just use them in my fridge. These ones are from Amazon, but I have seen similar, less expensive versions in other department stores and home organisation stores.

Current April 2023

Zevro Dual Dry Food Dispenser (Black & Chrome):

Terrific and novel way to dispense kids cereals or grains. Available online via Amazon, but again I’ve seen similar in other more local outlets. It could be the novel but useful gift you’re looking for!

Current as of April 2023

Shinoske 3 Layer Drop Down Spice Rack

I’ve been a big fan of drop-down spice racks for a while, but with many of these styles of racks needing to be anchored into or under cupboards to allow for the drop-down functionality meant that those of us rental tenants had to miss out. Well not anymore! Finally one that can sit on the counter and still save
space at the same time while being convenient to the stove top! Available on Amazon.

Current April 2023

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organiser

OK so you’ve finally taught yourself how to ‘nest’ your storage containers and become disciplined with that, and yet those lids still have a way of breaking loose and going astray in the drawer or cupboard. Well here is a way to reign-in all those wayward lids and keep them under control. Again, this gem found on Amazon, but similar solutions are easily found elsewhere.

Current April 2023

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