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The Dilemma of the Unwanted Christmas Gift

Yay! It’s Boxing Day and it’s pouring down rain outside, and as I survey the presents received yesterday and lovingly find new homes for some items. One is sticking out like a sore thumb. The unwanted gift.

I’m not going to go into what it is as I’m a firm believer in ‘goodwill,’ however, I’m not even sure about the element of thought that went into it. This item was given to me by a relative, one who I rarely see, and if I do see them it’s usually at another relative’s home. In fact it’s a rare thing for them to visit me at my home – so one wonders why then, they would go for an item of decor for the home. It isn’t age appropriate. It is the wrong colour. It is probably more geared to a teenage boy’s bedroom in fact. I’m actually wondering if I could in fact have received someone else’s gift?? Then again, probably not, because my Mum also received a gift from this person and we don’t understand the ‘thought’ that went into that gift either. Even if we wanted to re-gift, we don’t even know ‘who’ we’d re-gift these bizarre items to, and being as both are electrical (now that’s got you guessing hasn’t it?) we can’t even donate them. So what do we do?

Naturally on a boring day, with plenty of rain and no urge to go to Boxing Day sales one turns to the internet for inspiration. It was no surprise that I came across an article with the heading, *$500 Million Wasted on Unwanted Gifts, where it stated “Based on the results, more than half the nation (54%) received at least one unwanted present this year worth about $73, eBay says.” unquote. That’s a lot of clutter friends! So, I urge you. Please, please, please next Christmas be very thoughtful when it comes to buying a gift.

As for me? I doubt that either of these gifts are worth $73 so that kinda kills that idea, but for the rest of you here is the link for ebay.com.au

Now back to that unwanted thing . . . ?
Council kerb collection day is too far off . . . ???
Perhaps . . . ?
TradingPost.com.au or . . .
gumtree.com.au or . . .
www.craigslist.com.au … then again …

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Fact is, it didn’t cost me anything, if I leave it in the cupboard or the garage it’s costing me SPACE. So in the spirit of ‘goodwill’ I choose to (insert drum roll here) … GIVE IT AWAY!

Now THAT is a real thought!


Watch this space …

What unwanted gift did you receive this Christmas? And what have you done about it?

I look forward to your comments.

*Note: there is no longer a current link to this original article. All other links current as of May 2023.

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