Recycling Ideas for Plastic Bags

I came across this fantastic article on The Spruce on 23 Genius Ways to Repurpose Plastic Bags

Of course the trick is not to accumulate them in the first place, but there will always be a time when you don’t have your other reusable bags with you, and if you’ve run out of bins to line, I’m sure you’ll some new ideas in this article, I particularly liked the idea of using them as gloves to clean-up messes (for example after art & craft projects), and wrapping around trouser knees while working in the garden.

There is one thing I don’t want you to do with them, and that’s stuff them full of items you’ll forget about and then bury them in the back of cupboards or under beds or in the garage. A definite BIG ‘no-no!’.

Link last checked May 2023

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  1. lessequalsmore says:

    Thanks for your contribution EcoStreet, which prompts me to remind everyone to please wash out those jars and bottles before putting them into the recycling bin. Contaminated jars and bottles can not be recycled, so do that little extra effort and rinse before recycling 😉

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