Welcome to the new look blog!

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All your old favourite articles are still here, we’ve just made them easier to find, organised them better, integrated the blog to work with the Less Equals More website and added Jaz’s tech blog to unify and streamline everything.

While you’re here, check out the link to our new-look website where you will find all the back catalogue of Westender articles categorised under headings complete with immediate links. You’ll also find our re-vamped ‘Resources‘ page for links to all sorts of useful contacts.

The latest Article on Westender, ‘Addiction vs Time‘ is the first in a series as we walk through an A-Z of organising/lifestyle topics.

We thank you for your patience during our transition time.

Feel free to leave any feedback and ideas for any organising/lifestyle topics you’d like me to address in the comments fields.


P.S.: We’ve now completed the big task of checking all links on old articles and have updated them to make sure they are still current and active. If you come across one that isn’t or that we may have missed, please let us know.

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