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Inspiring Creativity in the Craft Room

In my line of work often is the case I will come across very clever and creative people who have either a passion and talent for a creative hobby or have opted to work from home doing their craft.

Usually it is something that started small, and regardless of whether or not it continues to be something to enjoy for themselves or grows into a way of earning a little extra cash or into a small business, suddenly over the years this ‘creativity’ accumulates a lot of supplies, books, and paraphernalia.

Something that may have started on the dining room table, soon spreads to take over the dining room, the lounge, the spare room, the garage or a built in space under the house. Some are lucky enough to progress to a small separate crafting cubby or studio of their own in the back yard (usually to the relief of the other occupants of the home). Whatever, the situation, size of crafting area, or seriousness of the venture, the challenges remain the same, how best to create more functional space, store supplies well and incorporate a crafter’s personality into the area at the same time.

I decided to look for some inspiring budget friendly rooms and well, I couldn’t go past this photo gallery of 24 rooms on Martha Stewart’s website. Some nifty ideas within this gallery, everything from scrap bins embedded into desk tops, to clever ideas with rails, and racks and storage containers. Be sure to check out the related pages beside slide 24 for more wonderful ideas.

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