Taking Your Craft to the Next Level

Considering that next step from hobbyist to earning a living from your passion?

Check out this wonderful Etsy Studio Tour, with “Lotta Jansdotter” where Lotta shows how she has transformed an old 1920’s apartment to accommodate her textile crafts business and talks about how she went about growing her craft to a successful business. Although this video is dated 2007, Lotta has since grown from strength to strength to be a respected designer and author. She is one of my favourite designers, I not only love her work but also the philosophy behind her products. She is an inspiration to many. For more on Lotta, her products, books and workshops visit Lotta’s website. You may also want to check out Lotta’s book “Open Studios – 24 Artist’s Spaces” where Lotta showcases other artist’s studios in cities where she has lived and worked.

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All links current as of May 2023.

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