For Lovers of Nail Polish

Today I thought I’d share with you a photograph taken by a friend of mine who adores OPI nail enamels.

The case you see, is a converted road case (often used by musicians when touring) and was created for her by her musician boyfriend.

As you can see every bottle is lovingly protected and organised in a wonderful rainbow of colour. Just goes to show, with a little imagination all sorts of things can be re-purposed to house and organise.

If you have a created or repurposed something to house and organise something of yours and you’d like me to feature it here on the blog to share with other readers, perhaps you’d like to take a photo of it and share your story to the Less Equals More Styling, Organising & Decluttering Facebook page?

*Big thank you and wave to Kate & Mick for allowing me to share this hot little item with you.

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