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Autumn Organising

I love this time of year. I love that the weather is cooling down, I love that the leaves change colour and I love the way life ebbs into a rhythm past all the hectic end of year festivities and sudden urgent need to set up and settle into new school and work routines.

In Feng Shui autumn falls in a ‘yin’ phase. A ‘yin’ phase sees life declining in order to start over again. By clearing desktops, table-tops, hallways, bookshelves, cupboards, drawers and floors, you’ll recharge your home by allowing the positive energy to again flow through it and allowing new blessings to manifest. Having a less cluttered home during the winter months will allow you and your family to enjoy and relax better in your warm cozy space, and allow the sunshine in on those cold winter days.

So embrace autumn and turn over a new ‘autumn’ leaf. Grab your tools, mark a day in your diary to commit to your plans, and prepare your home for the gifts Easter brings and for the winter months ahead. I’m sure clearing out the tired summer cobwebs will definitely recharge your battery.

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