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Entry Drop Zone Make-over

Do you need to reclaim your dining table, kitchen bench, sideboard or hall table?
Do you find it is the first and easiest drop zone when everyone comes home?
Are these surfaces like clutter magnets that are never clear and the pile just grows?

Maybe what you need to do is observe what gets dumped there and evaluate that area of the home. If it is becoming a dumping ground then it is probably in a traffic area, and I’m willing to bet it’s also near either the back or front door.

So all homes have traffic areas, and occasionally look lived in, so what?

Well yes, but when they become unmanageable, abused and unsightly, they can really drain your spirit visually, other negatives include:

  1. the area becomes very difficult to keep clean;
  2. items get buried, lost and/or damaged;
  3. the disorganization will eventually affect everyone’s emotions negatively;
  4. members of the household will start blaming each other for the loss and/or damaged things like keys,
    paperwork and small electronic devices etc.;
  5. arguments surface about late payments, overdue library books, missed messages and appointments;
  6. shoes and bags underfoot become accidents waiting to happen;
  7. the table, kitchen bench, sideboard or hall table suddenly loses it’s real purpose and it’s purpose gets transfered to another area, which then creates the domino effect and migration of things to the wrong places.

The list is endless and believe me there is a difference between – permanently cluttered (‘dysfunctional’) and occasionally cluttered (‘functional’).

This is why the idea of having a Household Drop Zone, Command Centre or Household Message Centre is such a great idea. There are so many things on the market these days to make this idea work well, and look stylish and they can be as themed, detailed or as simple as needed, however the basic principals working from the floor upwards are:

  • Racks, large baskets or catchall tubs, low shelving or bench to drop backpacks and shoes.
  • Also keep something in this area for recycling paper either a shredder or bin, for fast disposal, and a decorative bucket for dripping umbrellas.
  • An area for paperwork and messages on arrival, and any other basic family files or schedules – so a table or shelving unit would work well.
  • On this use lever arch files, paper trays or a small topper unit with suspension files for each member of the family, a family diary, basic stationery kit such as pens, staplers, paperclips, envelopes and notepaper.
  • Here items can be allocated for pickup for school, work, activities and errands on exit. If you also have a power point there, you could also keep the phone, phone books, mobile phones and a charging station for the mobiles here.
  • On the wall a calendar, a message board (avoid blackboards they create dust, thus more cleaning), a key-rack, hooks for handbags, hats and jackets.
Close-up of drop zone items.
Close-up of drop zone items (coming up in another article: ‘how-to-make’ those file boxes & labels)

For some really creative and beautiful inspirations on this idea check out the following links:

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