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The Costs of Being Disorganised

Now more than ever we should be assessing how being disorganised can cost each and every one of us. It’s really worth thinking about.

If we break it down being disorganised can cost us in 1 of 6 ways, being:

  • Financially
  • Our relationships
  • Our time
  • Our employment, career and course of study opportunities
  • Psychologically; and
  • Our health and well-being

Let’s assess these more closely.

Financially: If we budget and plan we save. If we know where things are we won’t double up by buying more. We won’t waste petrol by traveling more to get replacements. If we plan our trips carefully we won’t waste petrol doing several trips.  Most importantly, we won’t get hit with overdue fees, overdrawn accounts or affect our credit ratings.

Our Relationships: Stress amongst family and friends can be due to our own unreliability and mess. Being disorganised leads to instances of blame and excuses. You’ll be a better parent and role model if you are less stressed and have more time for your kids, your partner and yourself.

Our Time: Looking for things and replacing things wastes time. It also robs you of time spent on more worthwhile and enjoyable pursuits. This can also waste other people’s time. Work becomes easier when our time in the workplace is managed better. Prioritising can make the difference between time at work and time at home. Organised homes are often faster to clean and tidy. Having an organised calendar ensures you don’t miss important dates and events.

Employment, Study & Career: Fail to plan, plan to fail. All eyes are on you. The disorganised rarely progress or advance to where they’d like to be. You will make a better impression and improve your status at work when you look pulled together with an organised wardrobe and approach your work in the same way. You won’t be looked at as unreliable or unable to bring a task to completion. You may also be considered for a promotion, and less likely to be retrenched.

Psychologically: It will improve your mental health as you will feel a sense of peace and experience an uncluttered mind. It will increase your self-confidence. “Yes, I have my act together, I am in control’. You won’t feel useless, guilty, judged or criticized.

Health & Well Being: Health improves. You’ll lower your stress and have a cleaner home and work environment. Clean and ordered homes also equal less dust mites, mould and mildew due to them being better aired, and easier to clean. You will eat better due to planning your meals and grocery shopping and because your kitchen is organised, you’ll enjoy cooking healthy meals.

So get organised and enjoy more time for yourself and run your home and work life more efficiently. It’ll pay you back with interest.

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