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Organising Laundry on Wet Days

As a companion to my other article Drying Laundry In Wet Weather, this article is full of links to some great products and ideas for getting your laundry dry on continuous wet days. Most of which are available either from Australian retailers or online stores. 

While I’ve only personally tried or viewed a couple of these products, I can’t vouch for the sturdiness or durability of others. I look at the pros and cons of each option, from a practicality point of view, to help you make a suitable decision for your needs.

Free-Standing Airers

I’ve started with the 28 Rail Stainless Steel A Frame Airer from Lifespace. I like that it has ‘long’ drying lines on it and that they’re coated wire. Try and avoid boxy airers with ‘short’ line space. They may look like theres a lot of line space but often they can’t handle the width of a lot of items. If it can’t handle anything wider than the width of a tea-towel, give it the flick.

I love the look of the Hills Portable 170 Clothesline from Lifestyle Clotheslines, the height enables it to have the ability to handle sheets, (if folded). Comes in four colours.

Why not consider these two goodies from Hills? The Simplicity Family which is very much like mine and can easily handle a whole load. Or how about the Simplicity Ultra with two extra expanding wings and how about this little bargain from Target? the adjustable Nimble Over-Bath airer which can sit in a A-frame or lie flat over the bath for drying sweaters.

Fitted Options

A little pricey but if you want something akin to a rotary hoist on your balcony the Brabantia Wall Mount Clothes Line from Howards Storage World gives you about 25 metres of line space in a compact way.

If you want something that may fit over the top of the laundry appliances check out the Airaus Ceiling Mounted Airer. The nice thing about this dryer is that the 6 drying rods can be lowered and raised, especially helpful for the disabled or elderly. The rods are also made of steel not plastic.

Stewi Australia also have a range of Lift Dryers that can be raised and lowered. Or if you’re after something that is a little more Vintage and ornate, why not go for a Deluxe 6 Lath Indoor Clothesline from Victorian Clothesline Online. The only drama with these is that you can’t peg onto the rods if you need to.

Ikea have the reasonably priced Portis Drying Rack which has 7 rails and an additional lower rail. The rack can be lowered flat against the wall when not in use and gives about 4 metres of drying capacity. On the right length wall at this price you could mount two or more side by side above laundry tubs and appliances or over the bonnet of a car in a garage.

If you are going to go for a retractable clothesline such as this one from Hills, make sure you have enough length space, such as in a garage, and that it has more than one line or you’re not totally utilising your space for the money. Pull-out lines like this Daytek from Bunnings for say above baths, or you may even want to consider something like Ezyline which doesn’t need pegs, and can also be used outdoors; may be transferred or used as a permanent option for a covered balcony, garage, carport or go camping with you. In a bathroom or laundry, instead go for something more like one or more accordion style airers such as the ArtWeger Clothes Airer Smart from The Storage Shop.

Another style that impressed me was the Hi-Dry Clothesline from Daytek. It can be fitted onto the wall of a covered balcony, however having a swivel action allows it to be swung out into the sunshine, as well as being lowered for easy access, and can be mounted in three ways.

To make sure you take advantage of any of the options mentioned, further help reduce line space wastage by adopting a few useful and usually inexpensive accessories such as plastic (not wire) coat hangers), or a Fitted Peg Style Portable Clothes Dryer from Howards Storage World (cheaper at discount stores, but probably not as durable). Great for underwear and socks and can hang either on an airer, from a shower hose or from a hook in a strategic place on a balcony.

Even better, check out this Air Drying Carousel with 24 Pegs from Masters, which is freestanding and has 18 slots for coat hangers to hang from as well as an additional 6 hooks for 6 extra hangers.

Also consider over-door hangers which can range from cheap basic hook over options like this over door ironing hanger from Lifespace to ones like this beauty from Organization Store.

Feel free to share some feedback on any you’ve personally tried.

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