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Climate Change for Good Conference

Promotional social media graphics packs for the Climate Change for Good Conference (CC4G)

Brief: To create engaging visual content on social media to help promote the conference to those in the community wishing to participate in workshops looking at mitigating the impacts of climate change at a grassroots level in the hope that post-conference they would be motivated to create community groups as Actioneers for actions developed at the conference.

Dates: 1-2 July, 2016

For: Gecko, Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council in conjunction with
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus.

The challenges:

  • Limited promotional budget for a not-for-profit event.
  • Challenging subject matter for a community event.
  • The event also coincided with;
    – a weekend;
    – the 2016 Federal election and;
    – end of semester.


  • Commencement of project 19 May, 2016: 75 Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Likes during event 1-2 July, 2016: 270 Facebook Likes
  • Adequate attendance at all workshops at the two-day event
  • I discontinued social media for the page as at September 1st, 2016: 384 Likes
  • Facebook Likes after event continues to grow: currently at 453 Likes (December 2016)
  • Actioneer groups have been created since the event and continue to progress.
  • Successful Actioneer group spin-off event in October ‘Eat Your Backyard.’
  • Future conferences in discussion.

Images are mostly curated from Royalty free sources.
Composition and layouts by Angela Miller-Davis from Less Equals More. 

Conference Promotions

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Guest Speaker Promotions

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Guest Speaker Teaser Promotions

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