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Back on the first weekend in July, Gecko – Gold Coast Hinterland & Environment Council together with Griffith University, Gold Coast hosted the Climate Change for Good Conference (CC4G) “to inspire and empower the community to think and act positively in creating opportunities at work, home and elsewhere for a better society that meets the challenges of climate change.”


Out of that 2-day event CC4G Actioneers from the community made the decision to help kick-off six incentives that arose from conversations during the workshops over those two days being:

ed7a3002• Biodiversity Yarning Trail
• Community Lead Climate Action Plan
• Local Food Hub
• TerraCycle – recycling program
• Sustainable Urban Gardening
• Divestment and Sustainable Investment

On Monday night some of the CC4G Actioneers got together for their first meet-up to plan how to go forward with these initiatives. This enthusiastic gathering of Actioneers had the room buzzing with inspiring ideas and positive discussions around adaptation and mitigation strategies for the Gold Coast’s future.

Planning is now underway on a sustainable urban gardening workshop – ‘Eat Your Backyard‘; a Community Lead Climate Action Plan incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and; an education session on divestment, ethical investing and conscious consumerism.

We also heard inspiring stories from Actioneers on how they are working with their high rise body corporate to shift to a greener and more sustainable building, and ‘Village Bike’ – a community initiative to re-purpose unused bikes to provide access to bicycles and encourage community bike use.

A Gold Coast green and ethical business directory was suggested, along with the need to connect and share information on what all the wonderful local groups are already doing in the region and how people can join or what support they can give to each other.

A big thank you to all who attended for your positive energy, commitments and great ideas!

There is a lot happening and it’s never too late to get involved.

For more information visit and sign up for the newsletter. We also invite you to join the Actioneer Hub Facebook group.



*Article also featured on Hills to Headlands for Gecko – Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council. 

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