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Australian Snow Gums (Eucalyptus Pauciflora)

Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW (C)a.miller-davis2014
Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW

To help acknowledge National Tree Day on July 31st, who can resist highlighting our Australian native Snow Gums this winter?

Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW Photo: (C)j.miller-davis2014
Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW
  • Also known as ‘White Sally’ from
    the ‘Myrtaceae’ family.
  • Widespread growth in grassy, woodland or tall shrub land in tablelands and mountainous areas.
  • Found mainly along the highlands of NSW; VIC; TAS; south east of Stanthorpe in QLD and west to Mt Gambier in SA and some coastal regions in TAS, NSW, VIC and SA.
  • Small to medium tree reaching 20 metres or more, often with a crooked trunk branching from near ground level.
  • Can grow as a stunted, wind-sculpted tree or bushy scrub in higher areas.
  • Smooth, pale bark with varying shades of pinkish brown, green, yellow and grey.
  • Thick, glossy bluish-green leaves with distinctive veins.
  • Trunk is often marked with insect larvae scribbles.
  • Profuse white flowers during October through to February.
  • A slow growing species which tolerates very exposed dry, wet and cold snowy conditions.
  • Valuable to alpine ecosystems providing habitat and producing nectar and pollen for birds, insects
    and other wildlife.
Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW (C)a.miller-davis2014
Snow Gums, Perisher Valley, NSW

Ways to Celebrate National Tree Day on July 31st!

  • To find out more or to join one of Gecko’s Bushcare groups to help restore vegetation within each site back to its natural vegetation type and improve the habitat for native wildlife there. Visit the Gecko Bushcare page and check Gecko’s Bushcare group calendar for an area close to you, along with contact details and times.
  • Gold Coast residents, body corporates and schools can also pick up trees from the City of Gold Coast (City) nursery. For details, visit the City of Gold Coast website.


Top & Bottom: ©a.miller-davis2014 All rights reserved.

Centre Image:  ©j.miller-davis2014 All rights reserved.

*Article also featured on Hills to Headlands  for Gecko – Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council. 

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