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Greening Our Schools as Part of National Tree Day – July 29th


All around Australia on Friday July 29th, children in kindies, pre-schools, primary and high schools will again be getting their hands dirty and discovering their green thumbs for . . .


National Schools Tree Day!

This is a fun and literally hands-on experience to help establish a long-term environmental program which not only further develops children’s scientific knowledge but can also help develop other key learning areas such maths and creative arts, while also transforming school grounds into gardens with trees and other sustainable garden beds.

While learning to care for seedlings as they germinate and grow, children learn to understand the life-cycle of plants and also appreciate the length of time it takes to re-grow a forest and understand better why they need to be preserved and protected. In years to come these students will hopefully be able to re-visit these seedlings as fully grown trees.

Once a school is registered they can access many resources both on and offline including:

  • An Organiser’s Toolkit containing all sorts of posters, flyers, banners, planting resources, certificates, and much more;
  • Cool Australia and Dirt Girl World have also teamed up to create high quality Lesson Plans and Learning Resources accessed online;
  • Promotional Resources;
  • Seed Sticks for the class to help them label their seedlings;
  • Teacher’s webinar;
  • and be in the running to win a $7500 schoolyard makeover!

© Planet Ark 2014

At Tree Day Planet Ark you will find other resources, support and of course ‘trees!’ and Planet Ark’s full report titled ‘Adding Trees – A Prescription for Health, Happiness and Fulfilment’ which shares research to support that, when people spend more time connecting with trees and nature and less time with devices and screen time, this results in happier, healthier, brighter and calmer people who are better able to connect with each other. On the website there is also a link to a video by Justin Bogardus of Nature RX called ‘Grow More – Just Add Nature with National Tree Day 2016‘, which is a satire exploring this theme with innovative storytelling and a strong ‘call-to-action’ to get outside and embrace nature’s good medicine.

CC0 License

You can also connect with others celebrating National Tree Day via their Facebook page, where you can discover other great videos and resources on how to become involved and share your experiences.

Kids can also get involved outside of school by taking part in free, fun activities being held at Bunnings DIY-nature craft workshops on the weekend of Tree Day in stores all across Australia except for South Australia. To find out more details about what is happening at your local Bunnings log in here and put in your post code.

While you’re at Bunnings why not purchase a tree for your garden, or contact your local council for a ‘free’ tree? Gold Coast residents can follow this link to Gold Coast City Council. If you don’t have a garden, why not contact Gecko about joining in with one of our Bushcare groups?


Toddler gardening: ©PlanetArk media kit
Dad & two kids planting trees: ©Zo Zhou 2013 via PlanetArk media kit
Tree with label: ©PlanetArk media kit
Hands with plant in soil: surajith s via CC0
National Tree Day logo: ©PlanetArk media kit

*Article also featured on Hills to Headlands for Gecko – Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council. 

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