• Visual Merchandising: Hands on and project management
  • Experience small business and department store
  • Liaison with trades people, print bureau, sign makers and
    prop builders
  • Design of props, signage, ticketing, creative labelling
  • Fixtures, fittings, mannequins, forms, POS, strike points and outposts
  • In-store special events, promotions and fashion shows

Exhibition & Conference

  • Planning and procurement of display stands, banners, gazebos etc.
  • Procurement of any fixtures, tables, chairs, signage etc.
  • Styling of room or stand, ensuring product or conference materials are set and accessible

Photo Styling

  • Styling of product for retail either used in print or in-store for bulkheads, backdrops, point of sale.
  • Styling for event promotion
  • Samples of photo styling for editorial (original work ©A.Miller-Davis2018. All rights reserved.)
  • Samples of food styling (original work ©A.Miller-Davis2018. All rights reserved.)


  • Designing, planning and styling for weddings, parties and functions
  • Foyers for theatrical productions
  • Set dressing

*Visit the Make Contact page to inquire about viewing past visual merchandising work and photo styling portfolios for clients.

*All editorial imagery on this website for all articles written have been
designed, styled, photographed and self produced.
©A.Miller-Davis@lessequalsmore.co2018 – All rights reserved.