Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni with Easy Speedy Tomato Sauce

My quick and easy take on a vegetarian Cannelloni dish, great for a meat-free Monday lunch or dinner for two. Can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge ready to heat up prior to serving with a fresh garden salad and some herb or garlic bread. Recipe can be easily scaled up […]

Top 5 Australian Potted Native Christmas Trees

Time to ditch the fake plastic Christmas trees! Fake Christmas trees, while initially they sound like a good idea (recycled from year to year), eventually they end up in landfill and don’t biodegrade. As these trees are also usually make in factories that produce unhealthy bi-products and use unsustainable resources the method of their creation […]

Organically Speaking – ‘Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference’

During the week of 17th – 25th September all across Australia is National Organic Week (NOW). The theme for this year’s event is “Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference” and organisers are hoping to raise awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming production systems to help propel these initiatives further in the Australian community and the […]

Greening Our Schools as Part of National Tree Day – July 29th

All around Australia on Friday July 29th, children in kindies, pre-schools, primary and high schools will again be getting their hands dirty and discovering their green thumbs for . . . National Schools Tree Day! This is a fun and literally hands-on experience to help establish a long-term environmental program which not only further develops […]

2016 International Year of Pulses: Good for You & Good for the Environment!

  2016 has officially been declared the International Year of Pulses (IYP). So what does that mean? I’m glad you asked. It has nothing to do with your blood pressure or your heart beat however, the benefits of pulses such as Chickpeas, Faba and Broad beans, Field peas, Lentils, Lupins and Mung beans have many […]

International Composting Awareness Week: May 2–8, 2016

Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th May is International Composting Awareness Week, an international event which hopes to put a spotlight on that wonderfully rich organic matter that helps to build healthy soils from which all plant life grows. “We want Australians to realise that each time they throw organics such as food scraps and garden […]