Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Let’s face it, gift giving is tricky. And while it may be ‘the thought that counts’ when it comes to the recipient (and our budgets), how often do we consider longevity or the environmental impact of the gift? While some gifts make our hearts sing, many don’t. Some end up in charity bins or ‘re-gifted,’ […]

Eco-Friendly Christmas Tips!

Ways to keep your festive season jolly, while looking after the planet at the same time. Royalty free images sourced, except where noted as original photographs by Angela. Concepts and layouts: Angela Miller-Davis, Less Equals More.     Merry Christmas from all at Less Equals More!

Top 5 Australian Potted Native Christmas Trees

Time to ditch the fake plastic Christmas trees! Fake Christmas trees, while initially they sound like a good idea (recycled from year to year), eventually they end up in landfill and don’t biodegrade. As these trees are also usually make in factories that produce unhealthy bi-products and use unsustainable resources the method of their creation […]

Do the 30 Day ‘Let It Go Challenge’

I’ve just finished reading a book by Gail Blanke entitled Throw Out Fifty Things, which I can highly recommend! These 50 things can be objects, habits or anything else having a negative impact on your life and your surroundings. The catch? When it comes to objects, a cluster of worn down pencils, or a bunch of biros that […]

Gecko Environment Council Awards 2016

  Those who know the Gold Coast well and are into all things environmental action and protection will be very familiar with the work of Gecko, Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council (now known as Gecko Environment Council). Gecko this year celebrated 20 years of dedication to the valuable work they do to help preserve […]

Pollinator Week

Social Media Campaign     Promotional graphics used during Pollinator Week for Hills to Headlands magazine during November 2016, to help support articles promoted during that week, together with other curated materials. Royalty free images sourced, except where noted as original photographs by Angela. Concepts and layouts: Angela Miller-Davis, Less Equals More.        

Excuses. Excuses. What a Load of Rubbish!

Hi there! I’m guessing, based on where you found this article, that you’re already ‘environmentally awake’. You’re one of the choir singing from the same environmental hymn book. You may have your vegies growing in the back yard or balcony pots; sign petitions; try to reduce the packaging that you bring your goods home in; have […]

Organically Speaking – ‘Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference’

During the week of 17th – 25th September all across Australia is National Organic Week (NOW). The theme for this year’s event is “Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference” and organisers are hoping to raise awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming production systems to help propel these initiatives further in the Australian community and the […]

Reduce Climate Change One Step at a Time!

There are three days on the environmental calendar each year that like to remind us about how we get around. They remind us about distance. And while many of us would like to be able to have the convenience of having everything within walking distance, the truth is we often can’t live near to where […]

Greening Our Schools as Part of National Tree Day – July 29th

All around Australia on Friday July 29th, children in kindies, pre-schools, primary and high schools will again be getting their hands dirty and discovering their green thumbs for . . . National Schools Tree Day! This is a fun and literally hands-on experience to help establish a long-term environmental program which not only further develops […]