Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Let’s face it, gift giving is tricky. And while it may be ‘the thought that counts’ when it comes to the recipient (and our budgets), how often do we consider longevity or the environmental impact of the gift? While some gifts make our hearts sing, many don’t. Some end up in charity bins or ‘re-gifted,’ […]

Do the 30 Day ‘Let It Go Challenge’

I’ve just finished reading a book by Gail Blanke entitled Throw Out Fifty Things, which I can highly recommend! These 50 things can be objects, habits or anything else having a negative impact on your life and your surroundings. The catch? When it comes to objects, a cluster of worn down pencils, or a bunch of biros that […]

Excuses. Excuses. What a Load of Rubbish!

Hi there! I’m guessing, based on where you found this article, that you’re already ‘environmentally awake’. You’re one of the choir singing from the same environmental hymn book. You may have your vegies growing in the back yard or balcony pots; sign petitions; try to reduce the packaging that you bring your goods home in; have […]

International Composting Awareness Week: May 2–8, 2016

Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th May is International Composting Awareness Week, an international event which hopes to put a spotlight on that wonderfully rich organic matter that helps to build healthy soils from which all plant life grows. “We want Australians to realise that each time they throw organics such as food scraps and garden […]

Earth Hour: Switch Off at 8:30PM!

Once again tonight at 8:30pm it will be time to turn off our lights and powerpoints for Earth Hour.   Back in 2007  when WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Australia encouraged Sydney-siders to show their commitment towards climate change action 2.2 million people and 2100 businesses participated. It has now become a worldwide phenomenon where more than 162 countries and over 7000 cities and towns participate […]

Clutter Control and Our Emotions

Ever heard yourself saying any of the following? “I feel so bogged down” “I don’t know where to start” “I feel like I am suffocating” “I’m so confused” “I don’t know how it got like this” “I am overwhelmed” “It’s hopeless, every time I get rid of it, it comes back” “I can’t get rid […]

Home Schooling and Your Carbon Footprint

While home schooling is not an option for most – others may find this next question a tad controversial. Have you ever thought about the impact mainstream education has on your carbon footprint? A few years ago I worked my business around home-schooling my son, and while the business is no longer in existence … […]

Drying Laundry in Wet Weather

After a week or more of rain is the laundry piling up? Don’t have a dryer? Or want to save electricity? Perhaps you live in a small apartment? Let’s look at some options. Maybe you’re a rental tenant like me, and have limited options? I actually hate using dryers; I hate the way they put […]

Buy Nothing Day – Will You?

“Buy Nothing Day” usually lands on the last weekend of November each year. In Australia each October we have ‘Buy Nothing Month,’ however internationally in November ‘Buy Nothing Day‘ has become the ‘thing’ you hear more about and for some reason, North America usually celebrates it a day earlier in November than the rest of the […]

Preparing for Summer Weather Extremes

With reports in the news that fire season is already well and truly upon us in some areas of Australia, it is now, during the final months of spring that we should take the time to get ready for what promises to be a very hot and dry El Nino summer. In Brisbane of 2011 […]