Entry drop zone make-over

Do you need to reclaim your dining table, kitchen bench, sideboard or hall table? Do you find it is the first and easiest drop zone when everyone comes home? Are these surfaces like clutter magnets that are never clear and the pile just grows? Maybe what you need to do is observe what gets dumped […]

C is for crafts

Depending on the type of craft you’re into, it can also be one of the most gloriously messy past-times or skill to keep organised – especially if elements are many. I know when I’m in the ‘process’ of creating, I can be messy – but savvy creatives also know that being organised, helps ‘process’ to […]

Organising with retro style!

Want to really put some punch into organising your home and love Retro styling? Here’s an article geared for you. What is the definition of Retro when we think in terms of decor? Well according to Wikipedia “Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern past, that […]

For lovers of nail polish

Today I thought I’d share with you a photograph taken by a friend of mine who adores OPI nail enamels. The case you see, is a converted road case (often used by musicians when touring) and was created for her by her musician boyfriend. As you can see every bottle is lovingly protected and organised […]

What’s your favourite store to get lost in?

What happens when you marry a Top 10 pop hit with a global furniture store? You get an experience we can all relate to in a ‘sing-a-long’.  This video parody of the Owl City song covered by Dave Days (as I write this) has been viewed by 2,681,095 people. I’m sure that you would’ve heard […]

Great storage idea! Drawers in staircases

I’m often asked by clients for efficient ways to clean up the entrance halls to their homes. The main problem for most is that this is a drop zone for shoes, and besides this being unsightly, it can be a safety hazard. While there are many suitable solutions available, if you do have an indoor staircase […]

Wonderful bed linen innovation

Doonas, duvets, continental quilts, whatever you like to call the things (I have a few choice words of my own which I can’t share here), well anyway, they drive me nuts! When it comes to wash day I find them incredibly time consuming. Believe me there are plenty of YouTube videos online that show that […]

Groovy multipurpose cable clips

My son alerted me to these wonderful multipurpose cable clips, which are fabulous for attaching to your desk if you are constantly unplugging and plugging in USB cables etc. to your laptop. They’re like a temporary holder to stop them falling on the floor and getting tangled. Also useful for tidying up other cables around […]