The Art of Recycling in Visual Arts

It is always great to come across local talent who are also passionate about the environment, and how they not only use art to express their love of the natural world, but also take great consideration in causing no harm to the environment while making their creations. I recently discovered one of these talented people […]

Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Let’s face it, gift giving is tricky. And while it may be ‘the thought that counts’ when it comes to the recipient (and our budgets), how often do we consider longevity or the environmental impact of the gift? While some gifts make our hearts sing, many don’t. Some end up in charity bins or ‘re-gifted,’ […]

Gecko Environment Council Awards 2016

  Those who know the Gold Coast well and are into all things environmental action and protection will be very familiar with the work of Gecko, Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment Council (now known as Gecko Environment Council). Gecko this year celebrated 20 years of dedication to the valuable work they do to help preserve […]

Rebuilding Lost Memories

I often talk about honouring the physical things we treasure, by displaying or storing precious items in a way that will keep them in the best condition possible for generations to come. If ever there was a time to be reminded of why, then surely the natural disasters many of us have witnessed via the […]

Steve Jobs helping you to keep your emails brief?

Lets face it, sometimes it’s hard to write a ‘short’ reply, yet there are situations when the email box is too full and messages need to be brief. I even read an account once of someone thinking that the length of their reply needed to match the length of the ‘effort’ in the email he […]

The immaculate threads of Steve Jobs by Dominic Wilcox

For the October 2008, 75th Anniversary Edition of Esquire magazine, artist Dominic Wilcox was commissioned to style a photograph to accompany an article on Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, for the magazine’s feature on the 75 Most Influencial People of the 21st Century. The resulting mixed media entitled “The Immaculate Threads“ is a wonderful […]