The Art of Recycling in Visual Arts

It is always great to come across local talent who are also passionate about the environment, and how they not only use art to express their love of the natural world, but also take great consideration in causing no harm to the environment while making their creations. I recently discovered one of these talented people […]

Excuses. Excuses. What a Load of Rubbish!

Hi there! I’m guessing, based on where you found this article, that you’re already ‘environmentally awake’. You’re one of the choir singing from the same environmental hymn book. You may have your vegies growing in the back yard or balcony pots; sign petitions; try to reduce the packaging that you bring your goods home in; have […]

“What have you recycled today?”

Examples of up-cycling! Graphics produced for Gecko Hills to Headlands to support articles promoted during National Recycling Week. Royalty free images sourced, except where noted as original photographs by Angela. Concepts and layouts: Angela Miller-Davis, Less Equals More.                  

Put it away, Put it away NOW!

This is the song we sing after Deck The Halls! Today I’ve put together a quick run-down of great ideas on how to pack your Christmas ornaments, lights, trees and wrap ready for next year and a basic checklist to help prepare you for next Christmas. Step 1: Take down all the decorations from around […]

Creative organising

There are hidden storage solutions already in your home waiting to be utilised! Let’s dig them out and get creative. I recently saw a cute little idea on Pinterest which I’ve adapted for use at my place. Yep, that’s it in the picture on the left there. Especially useful for when you’re not feeling the […]

Happy Earth Day to you!

This week we celebrate Earth Day so let’s look at ways to de-clutter in an earth friendly way. De-cluttering could be looked at as environmental terrorism. Deciding to finally let go of things can have quite an impact on our environment when we consider the amount of stuff that ends up in landfills, however, most […]

New ideas for suitcases & trunks

I love recycling and I love it even more when I can repurpose old things into funky, practical and useful things. In this picture is an old steamer trunk which has been in our family for decades, and you can imagine my joy when it eventually became mine. Rightly or wrongly my Dad painted it […]

Recycling ideas for plastic bags

  I came across this fantastic article on with 25 Brilliant Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags. Of course the trick is not to accumulate them in the first place, but there will always be a time when you don’t have your other reusable bags with you, and if you’ve run out of bins to […]