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Left Brained? or Right Brained?

I subscribe to a few RSS feeds and one of my favourites is Real Simple. Recently Deb Schwartz did a great article about Organizing for Your Personality, which looks at how some people are more ‘left brained’ when it came to organising themselves while others (like me) are more ‘right brained’ organisers.

Deb includes a little 20 question survey in her article to help you figure out which camp you’re in, and no, although I am a professional organiser, I am foremost a creative person, so I was not surprised to find I was a ‘right brained’ organiser, for example for me when it comes to styling I often have to fight the ‘fashionable’ urge to work symmetrically, and I do love splashes of colour and injections of personality into arrangements and object usage. The article also offers some creative solutions on how to organise some things according to your personality findings. Have fun and let me know whether you are a ‘left’ or ‘right’ brainer or whether you find yourself a bit of both.

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