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Your Stuff – The Bigger Picture

Have you ever really wondered about how your decision to ‘purchase’ affects the planet? And how production and consumption habits make an impact on not just the environment but on society and social issues?

Years ago a fellow organiser introduced me to a 20 minute animated video called the Story of Stuff Project, headed up by Annie Leonard which has since gone on to resonate with millions around the globe. While helping my son research for a school assignment, I remembered the video and found it a great tool to help explain the ‘bigger picture’ to him and thought I’d share it here.

This animated presentation effectively helps to explain the ‘materials economy’ from extraction to production to distribution to consumption to disposal, however, as Annie reminds us “that is not the full story.”

If you want to understand the full story about why we can’t run a linear system on a finite planet, check out this link to The Story of Stuff

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