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Are Tiny Apartments & Houses a Sign of the Times?

Next time you start feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have enough space, spare a thought for Felice Cohen, a Professional Organiser living in an 8.3 square metre room in New York’s Manhattan.

For US$700/month in 2010 Felice traded her lifestyle for space where neighbour’s are paying US$3000 for the same conveniences of this up-market address.

Check out Felice’s story & video here.

On the other hand if a little ‘house’ is of interest to you, Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company  builds and designs small houses ranging in size from 65 square feet to 837 square feet. He’s also spent the past decade living in his tiny creations.

Check out Jay’s story & video here.

While I’m not sure I could cope with such a small space, it does show how imagination and ingenuity can create a liveable and practical home which focusses on necessity over excess. With the rising costs of living and lack of space affecting most of us these days, maybe it is time to re-think ‘inside’ the box?

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All links current as of May 2023

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