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Studio Set-ups for 5 Types of Crafts

Along the theme of Craft Studios, today I aim to help you to create a space that works well for your needs and give you ideas to not only make it a practical space but one that will help to inspire your creative processes.

While it would be nearly impossible to cover all types of crafts out there I have decided to focus on five popular ones:

  1. Sewing & Quilting
  2. Jewellery Making
  3. Artists & Painters
  4. Ceramics & Pottery
  5. Scrap-booking

Within each of these I’m sure there are ideas that can be used in other artistic and crafty endeavours.

~ Sewing, Quilting & Needle Crafts ~

For those who sew or quilt, there were so many videos out there for some very elaborate looking sewing rooms, however I eventually settled on some videos that were a little bit more along the size that most would have.

The first tour is by Made By Marzipan. I particularly like this video because it looks at how well a small space can be utilised effectively and be injected with personality at the same time.

I’ve also included one from Pokey Bolton’s gorgeous Quilt Studio – which is a bit more custom made, but has some inspiring ideas that could be adopted in a smaller room.

~ Jewellery Making ~

When it comes to jewellery making, where tools are many and items are small, I love some of the ideas by Nancy LT Hamilton who looks at some pretty nifty and thrifty DIY desk storage ideas, as well as some nifty tricks of the trade in her video. If you’re a jewellery making enthusiast, you may also want to check out her You Tube Channel for some great instructional techniques and projects. Again, what she manages to incorporate into a small space is pretty impressive. I particularly like Nancy’s down-to-earth style.

~ Artists & Painters ~

Moving on to the considerations needed for a painter’s art studio, where in addition to light and drying space being big considerations , ‘art’ can mean different things to different artists. Oil painters have different requirements to water colour artists, or those who work in mixed media, those preferring large canvas’s and those who illustrate for say children’s books or textiles. First check out this video by fine artist Emily Rose Wildlife Art on how to make a small art studio at home. Then check out this one from LA artist Chase Langford complete with over 30 tips!

~ Pottery and Ceramics ~

When it comes to specialised needs for Pottery and Ceramic Artists, there is a lot to consider, depending on whether you have room at home, whether you want to have your own kiln at home, or rent a space, so I’ve included links to a couple of videos which consider different options. The first is a functional yet aesthetic space by Thrdfloor in a rented space where he has broken areas up into functional spaces. I’ve also included a video by Audrey C Ceramics where she gives a tour of her apartment pottery studio and how she manages to make and fire her own ceramics.

~ Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking ~

Finally, I come to the needs of the many Scrap-booking enthusiasts out there (and I know there are a lot of you!), I have decided on this video by Juliana Michaels at 17 Turtles. I loved the ideas and thought processes in this video, and how she has cleverly used many different kinds of aesthetic storage successfully in a small ‘realistic’ space which most of us would have. She has clearly defined areas for different aspects of her work, and I also found her advice on how to maintain and regularly purge items to ensure she has a workable and inspiring space a refreshing change from most tours I found online.

Photo Credits: ©A.Miller-Davis, Less Equals More
All links checked in May 2023.

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  1. lessequalsmore says:

    Glad you liked it. What is your particular craft? Do you have any tips to share?

  2. lessequalsmore says:

    No problem Matt, I found them quite informative. Often videos like this can save a lot of ‘explaining’ to clients, and I can simply refer them to the blog and they can view them at home in their own time. Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

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