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My Top 6 Time Saving Tips for the Craft Room

As we all know time flies when we’re having fun and doing what we enjoy. If what you enjoy is your craft then here are my Top 6 tips to get more enjoyment from the time you spend in your happy place.

  1. De-clutter, Organise and have Productivity Zones: For more detailed tips on this read my article – “C is for Craft.
  2. Label Containers: Be as creative as you like but label as soon as you create a container, even if it’s just a temporary label with marker pen on masking tape.
  3. Supply List: Have a white-board, chalk-board or something like a note-pad on a peg. When you start to run out of something ‘write it on the list’.
  4. Get Portable: Have a small tool box with compartments with your basic supplies so that if you want to leave the craft room and finish something off elsewhere in the house, you can easily keep your bits and pieces together and not leave them all over the place.
  5. Tidy as You Go: Yes, you really can. All crafts have a process, clear up one area before moving to the next.
  6. Use a Timer: It’s easy to get lost in crafting. If you’re juggling parenting or anything else, set a timer and stick to the time frame. Also remember to stretch every 15mins, and if doing intricate work, make sure you give your eyes a rest.

For other ideas and links to some great inspirations for craft rooms check out my other articles:

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